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Willem Jeths wins Amsterdam Art Prize

Willem Jeths won the Amsterdam Art Prize 2014!
The composer won the award in the category of proven quality.

The Amsterdam Art Prize is the most important art prize of the city. Each year, the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts awards the prize to three artists or institutions that make a particular contribution to the arts in the city.

The jury headed by Clairy Polak praised the winners for their focus on creation, especially in the field of the arts with such severe cuts on subsidies last years. Jeths was praised for his "unprecedented sounds, colors and performance techniques". In this way he shows his personal face within Dutch music.

Donemus congratulates Willem with this prestigious prize!
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Preparing the new season

During July and August the Donemus team prepares the new season. We look forward for a new season with many exciting concerts coming up. Many premieres can be expected by, Piet-Jan van Rossum, Joey Roukens, Willem Jeths, Klas Torstensson, Marijn Simons, Hanna Kulenty, Boudewijn Tarenskeen, Chiel Meijering, Rozalie Hirs, Diderik Wagenaar, etc. etc.

But not only premieres. Many pieces from last 6 decades are already programmed by orchestras and will get another performance both inside and outside The Netherlands.

The Donemus Foundation is currently working out three ambitious plans. Stay tuned for more news late summer.

The Donemus team wishes all related composers and musicians a refreshing summer.

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